Both the Mr. Mayhem Leather & Leather Bear Contests are structured in the same manner. There are 5 categories which are assigned a point value. Below you will find details on each of the categories and what you can expect:

Meet the Meat – 15 Points  (Friday 5:30pm – 6:30pm – Eisenhower Ballroom)

This category judges the contestant’s social interaction skills. Contestants are asked to wear what they would normally wear to a “Bar Night.”

On-Stage Question – 25 Points  (Friday 8:30pm – 9pm – Eisenhower Ballroom)

Contestants should have the ability to speak well. The winner of the contests will be asked to represent Bears, Bikers and Mayhem at different events during their title year. Just as social interaction skills are very important, so is your ability to convey your message and that of BBM.

Personal Interview – 25 Points  (Saturday Morning – Times and location to be communicated to contestants)

Contestants are interviewed privately by the judges panel and scored based on their responses to the judges questions.

Physique – 15 Points  (Saturday 3pm – Eisenhower Pool Atrium)

Themed as a Wet Jockstrap Contests, this category is a moment for contestant to really shine and show their level of comfort with their own body image. Confidence as a title holder is very important, and “Physique” really shows the contestant’s ability to be happy in their own skin. This category is not judged on the contestants body, but on their confidence.

Formal Leather Image – 20 Points  (Saturday 6:15pm – 6:30pm – All Star Sports Complex)

Since both of these contests are leather related, an understanding of how formal leathers should fit and look is important. With that said, we do understand that “high cow” is expensive, and we would NEVER want the lack of Leather formals to preclude a constants from running. As such the judges focus on their contestants ability to construct a formal image that best convey’s their own personality.