boy john is originally from Pittsburgh, PA, where he began exploring leather and BDSM in his early 20’s. Shortly after, he moved to Indianapolis, IN, where he lived for 14 years and in 2010 moved to Baltimore to be with his SIR and leather family. boy john earned SIR John Krikorian’s permanent collar in 2011 and married his SIR in 2016. Coming from a military background, boy john appreciates and embraces the strict protocols of “Old Guard” style Leather, good manners, proper etiquette and constantly strives to lead by example and mentor other leatherboys and Bootblacks. That said, he is also very proud of his mischievous and playful nature, which wreaks havoc among
Sirs and his fellow leatherboys. boy john started his journey in Bootblacking as a service to his SIR, but quickly found a niche in the community, having been asked to Bootblack at events such as Mr./Ms. New Jersey Leather, Bears Bikers and Mayhem, and has been a regular guest Bootblack at the DC Eagle. When CLAW 15 needed a last minute Bootblack, he was quick to fill in winning the Golden Brush Award. In addition, he has assisted with several
skills demos, including Fisting 101 at CLAW and Bootblack 101 at the 2015 Sirs and boys Retreat. boy john gives
back to his community through mentoring, fundraising and participating in leather events both local and national.
he is Mid-Atlantic Leatherboy 2012, Beta of the Leatherboys of Maryland, an associate member of COMMAND MC and the NJ boys of Leather, “Mamas True Leatherboy” and is honored to be the Atlantic States Leather Community
Bootblack 2017 and International Community Bootblack 2017.

Tom is a 48-year-old from Washington, DC who has been active in the leather and fetish community since 1998. Tom’s focus is on service which includes teaching suicide intervention in the community. Tom is a member of the Centaur MC and serves on the Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend committee as the Bootblack coordinator and the Puppy Park coordinator for MAL weekend. He has been Bootblacking for over 10 years and prior to that, caring for horse tack.

pup Ryder is a corgi bootblack, who is the current Atlantic States Community Bootblack, and recipient of the Golden Brush of the ICBB 2019 class. After learning bootblacking from his mentor Amelia Horo, he has been up and down the country showing his passion and love for leather. When not trying to act like a sociable human being, he enjoys video games, anime, and spending time with his leather family. He is currently collared to his Daddy Tom and has a brother named Ahren. He is unapologetically fat, awkward, and autistic. He believes in the simple mantra of: Be You.

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