Daddy Ray Ray Onyx

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Daddy Ray Ray Onyx

2020 will be my third BBM. It’s really a leather event like no other. In 2018, my first year, I attended a “pre-party” the night before the official start of BBM. I got pinned to a bed by a bunch of hungry bears, and got chewed, licked, nibbled and sucked for a couple hours while buddies nonchalantly had cocktails and chatted nearby. It was then that I realized a was good bear-bait. LOL (I don’t remember who got my load, but I think it was shared.) And the weekend just got better from there.

This is an attitude-free event that celebrates queer mayhem. The sex is awesome, but it’s really more than that. I’ve made lasting friendships from BBM. It’s all for a good cause. And everyone is treated with respect. The banquet and contest entertainers are awesome.

I enjoy bringing my leather sons and boys to BBM, because they learn a lot, and they love it when daddy turns them loose at the play party!

BBM is worth every penny you spend. The venue is a rambling hotel complex that is lots of fun.

Daddy Ray Ray Onyx February 28, 2020