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Bears, Bikers & Mayhem

Since its inception, BBM has had the singular goal of being an event at which men who enjoy any or all of these communities will feel welcome, meet other likeminded men and, most importantly, have an incredibly fun time. If you are a Bear, you will most definitely find all of the elements of any great bear event. Likewise for Leather men and fetish men – everything you hope to find at any great leather or fetish event is also part of BBM. For many of us, we are a part of several or all of these communities and not just one of them. The BBM difference is that our fun, food, frivolity & camaraderie also blur the lines between these communities. The Pandemonium Party on Friday provides an opportunity for the leather and fetish men to welcome the bears to their brand of fun. The Boots to Briefs Party on Saturday is a chance for the bears to show their hospitality. But most of the weekend is a chance for everyone to come together for the common and unifying goal of just simply having a really, really good time and for a good cause.

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