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Mr. Mayhem Contestant Application


Mr. Mayhem Leather Bear Contestant Application

Those entering the Mr. Mayhem Leather and Leather Bear contests not only compete to represent their home bar, club, city, state region, and country but they also represent the passions of the bear, cub, and Leatherfolk communities at large. Joining the ranks of the Mayhems you become part of a brotherhood, a legacy of community support and leadership. There is no secret formula to winning this contest other than coming out and doing your best.

The winners of Mr. Mayhem Leather, and Leather Bear are allowed to consume alcoholic beverages at events that they are attending but shall not overly consume. Remember you are to be respectful, as composed when ever in public.

If you wish to compete, you must complete the online application. Please include a head shot as it will be used to help our judging panel identify you. In addition all contestants should plan on arriving Friday night by no later than 3pm for check in. The contest will begin promptly at 4pm with the contestants meeting.

The winner of Mr. Mayhem Leather is required to compete in either International Mr. Leather (IML) in Chicago or Mid-Atlantic Leather (MAL) in Washington DC.

The Winner of Mr. Mayhem Leather Bear goes on to compete at International Mr. Leather Bear (IMLB) in Baltimore MD.

REGISTRATION FEE: This year for the 2018 contests all registration fees have been waived, however we suggest you purchase a run pass. In the event you choose not too, you will only be permitted entrance into events where the contest is taking place for the duration of the contest.